On October 26 last year i was diagnosed with lymphoma and soon after began chemo. As a result, Fred Johnson and I had to cancel our scheduled performances of Solitary Man, including 11/28 at the San Francisco Marsh. I’m very happy to report that i will complete my 6th and final round of chemo next Wednesday 2/27. A scan after 3 round indicated that most of the cancer was gone, and my doctor expects all cancer cells will be “resolved” by the end of round 6. I’ll have another scan in early March to confirm.

After being very sick from mid-October until mid-December, I’m making a comeback, getting back into my old routine, and feeling stronger and more energetic every day. Therefore, Fred and I have rescheduled our postponed Marsh performance of the show for the Berkeley Marsh on my birthday, Monday March 18.

We want to continue performing, so if you or your organization would like to work with us to present the show, please let me know. I also have a new website – www.lifewish.org, with information about the show and my book, Life Wish.