Solitary Man Returning to the Stage

It was a year ago that i was sickest from the lymphoma, so I’m happy to report that recently I had my third negative scan in a row. I had no reason to think it would be otherwise, but it’s always a relief to know for sure.

Things feel different, and i’m still understanding this post-cancer reality. I’ve recently had successful hernia and cataract surgeries, so I’m starting to feel the vulnerability that comes with age. I’ve never considered end of life issues, and this last year has been a wake up call. Also, i’ve done my best to de-stress my life, and it’s creating a quieter, more peaceful rhythm. I decided since i don’t know the future of Solitary Man that i would like to document it with a film of the entire play in a theatrical setting, so Fred and I will perform the show at the Marsh in SF on Wed. Dec. 4, and film it before a live audience. 

Solitary Man: A Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison
A two-person play with music performed by Fred Johnson and Charlie Hinton
Wednesday, December 4  •  7:30 pm
The Marsh
1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco (near 22nd)
Tickets: $15. Call 415-282-3055 or visit

Join us for this special one-time event!